Tuesday, July 17, 2007

msb-0176 I'll Get Enough Rest When I'm Dead

msb-0176 I'll Get Enough Rest When I'm Dead


---- "The Angle Between Us" by: "Magnetic" http://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/magnetic/

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Main Topic: "I'll Get Enough Rest When I'm Dead"

I'm watching a "PBS Wide Angle" [ http://www.pbs.org/wnet/wideangle/ ] program called "Back to School" [ http://www.pbs.org/wnet/wideangle/shows/school2/index.html ] on the trials and tribulation of children as they head back to school.

God, we've got such high class problem. (And I'm talking MS health-care [or health-don't-care] class problems here, not exactly "Where am going to eat this Thursday?" class problems.)

Some of them have life "really" tough.

I wouldn't want to be a child or a woman in some parts of the world. (Then again being a man there isn't all that great either.)

Health doesn't enter into it.

Either you're well or you're dead and kicked to the frickin' curb.

Education doesn't enter into it.

Either you're lucky enough to have picked the right parents and you know how to handle a slate and a piece of chalk, or you're pig ignorant. (We're not talking M.I.T. here.)

Its awful, horrible, terrible... I've run out of adjectives to describe how tragic it is. "Les brĂ s me tombes..."

And its all so senseless. (I'm not a left-wing nut but patriarchy has a lot to answer for... There is "no excuse" for how some people are treated. [Believing in "Allah" or who-ever should not be a descriptive term meaning "stupid, dirt-poor, degraded and treated worse than an insect!"])

---- "Jingle Jangle" by: "Larry Seyer" http://www.larryseyer.com/

Main Topic, part deux:

I'm undecided as to whether this show is a downer or a call to arms.

For sure, if these children were living here, we'd be running fund raisers and holding rock concerts for them. (But there are people in Appalachia who are almost as badly off. [Oxycontin, meth and crank take the edge off being dirt poor, don't they? {Better living through fuckin' chemistry...}])

But just because they're living, make that existing, in some some place that a long sequence of conquerors forgot about, after the natural resources got too expensive to guaranty a huge rate of return, does that mean that we should all fall down on the job of being proper human beings?

No wonder the third world hates itself, almost as much as it hates us, almost as much as we just don't seem to care, and grind their filthy little faces in it.

We'll keep on driving in our Hummers and SUVs without giving a thought to where the oil and gas come from, or where the exhaust fumes go.

We'll order ice for our high-balls from Antarctica, quickly before it melts and turns from fields of snow and ice into swamps filled with guano and penguin cadavers.

We'll lull ourselves with homilies about brotherly love while the rest of the planet seethes with barely repressed anger at the cavalier way we've ignorantly thrown the future away.

Throw another shrimpy kid on the barbecue, and the hell with tomorrow.

[phew] I got to stop watching shows that make me wax eloquent with rage.

---- "Angle" by: "Urban Clearway" http://www.urbanclearway.net/



mdmhvonpa said...

Humanity in general, is a filthy mess of rodents and disease. You have to push all the shit aside to find the little diamonds ... like my kids. My perfect gems. They take a lot of work to keep polished and bright, but I'll do my best to keep them as such.

If only it was universal ...

Charles-A. Rovira said...

MDMH, you are a dedicated father.

If only it was universal ...

My own views on humanity are more pragmatic, though some would quote Hobbes out of context and hold that human existence is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.