Friday, July 13, 2007

msb-0174 I'm freakin thrilled

msb-0174 I'm freakin' thrilled


---- "The American Holiday Song" by: "BELT"

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There is none from you.

Well no direct feedback. (Charles at is the best way to tell me what you liked and/or what you didn't.)

I came across this next song and its so dreadfully cute that I'm keeping it. :-)

---- "Ham for the Holidays" by: "Lynn JULIAN aka CookieCutterGirl"

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---- "Lazy Rainy Holiday" by: "New Telepathic Friends"

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---- "Hallmark Holidays" by: "No Kiss for New Years"

Main Topic: "I'm freaking thrilled"

My wife is off to "Peru" (where I've got some readers and/or listeners ... in Piura, Trujillo and Lima!)

I'm "bachelor-ing" it until the end of the month while she's off.

She might think that I'm roughing it over bowls of "mac-n-cheese"[ ] (I have had those boxes of Kraft for weeks now. :-)

But I'm definitely not.

Don't get me wrong, I love my wife, but sometimes, well lets just say that a guy wants some peace and quiet. "Absence maketh the heart grow fonder." :-)

I've got dinners planned at restaurants that I simply never get to because my wife "is" such a good cook.

But there are some places I just want to check out.

There's one place on 14th street that I heard about on "Colameco's food show" that I'm just drawn to: "Crispo" which looked like an absolutely fabulous place to grab a great Northern Italian meal.

I am also going out for dinner one time on the company's dime, so I'm going to enjoy that.

I am definitely "not" going to subsist on "Dr. Pepper" and "Kraft Dinner" or "dirty-water hot dogs", (they're a New York specialty that you can buy off most street vendors. [I was a lot younger, way back when, {and I was blessed with a cast-iron stomach and a galvanized coating on my col..., uh, intestines.}] :-)


Main Topic, part deux:

So here I am engaged in intense geekin' an' goofin' off (and mighty glad of it. :-)

Well, okay. I still have to keep the plants watered, the cat fed and the house clean. But I'd do that regardless. ;-)

---- "Death By Holiday" by: "The Vanished"


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