Monday, July 09, 2007

msb-0173 Busy li'l critter, ain't I?

msb-0173 Busy li'l critter, ain't I?


But I'll always find time for these shows.

(Oh... I forgot to mention what I'm busy with... I'm working on a business plan for my day job. There is an opportunity which might be worth pursuing and if it is, there has to be a business plan to follow. [I know, I know. I'm totally aware of what Winston Churchill thought of plans: "Plans are useless, but planning is invaluable."] Plans give shape to ideas, like a sculptor gives shape to clay.)

---- "Sweetest Moment" by: "BLOW UP HOLLYWOOD"

Feedback comes first, so...

There is none from you.

Well, except for "Miss Chris" [ ].

She gives me her feedback on my blog. [ ]

Onto other news: I'm over 17,000 downloads as people, uh, load up on prior episodes as well as downloading the current one.

---- "Swing_Low_Sweet_Chariot" by: "Bill Furner"

Feed Forward comes next, so...

This is "your" segment.

Say "your" piece on this segment.

Share with other MSers whatever "you" want to share.

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Here's a piece of free-verse from my wife:


Some call us fools;
some call us cheap;
some call us crackpots.

We are recyclists;
those who recycle;
those who try to de-pollute our planet.

You may curse us;
your children will bless us.

---- "Sweet Sorrow " by: "The Complements"

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---- "Sweet Blossom" by: "Robin Stine"

Main Topic: "Busy li'l critter, ain't I?."

I keep finding out all kinds of, uh, stuff about how our brain works (well rat brains anyway. :-)

Thank Gods and little critters for the internet.

It also enables me to find gems like this [ ].

I think that citizens of the United States are finally starting to have a dialog on health care. (As opposed to the usual invective-laden screaming match of rhetoric, unsupported by facts.)

All in all, I believe Micheal Moore's "Sicko" [ ] is a good thing, in that he is initiating the dialog, which was the stated purpose of the film. (Micheal Moore now has enough financial resources that he is no longer making movies to pay the rent. He's engaging in gad-fly documentary making because he enjoys tilting at windmills [which need tilting at.])

---- "Sweetest Fruit" by: "Nijole Sparkis"

Main Topic, part deux:

Actually, ye mighty advertisers whom I court weekly on this podcast, I'd keep on doing this podcast regardless.

Yes, it would be nice to have some advertising to fulfill the stated mission of this podcast but I'm actually doing this as a form of music therapy now. Its keeping me sane, safe and sound.

There comes a point where you have to shit or get off the pot, and I think I passed that point about twenty-three episodes ago.

I'm not having an existential meltdown (see Mark Yashimoto Nemcoff's latest episodes of the Pacific Cost Hellway [ ] for an example.)

This thing is so vital to me, (and hopefully to my collaborators,) that I don't think I'll ever give it up (any more than MS is likely to suddenly disappear from our lives.)

I've fit this podcast into my life schedule so I'm not going to pod-fade on you. It's actually gone beyond that.

I wish I was a "Charlie Rose", meting with interesting guests able to give you some news of what's happening in the world of MS and maybe in the wider world, but I'm not.

But I can do this podcast, bring some interesting podsafe musicians to your attention, playing them and trying to bring this MSer's world view to other MSers. (And there's the "feedback" and "feed-forward" segments as well.)

---- "Taste so sweet" by: "henta ellis"



Miss Chris said...

IMHO, I'm definitely not a fan of Michael Moore but, politics aside I do agree that health care in this country sucks. Something has gone horribly wrong when it's the drug companies running the show.

Charles-A. Rovira said...

I don't know anybody who likes Micheal Moore. (He was probably born an unpopular opinionated muckraker.)

The drug companies are part of the problem (doctors are another, different part of problem, [the NIH paying for research but losing the patents rights is yet another,]) but the over-arching problem is that the system is multi-payer.

Its a distributed grab for the money without a nation-wide MSRP list (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price.)

You can have multiple SKUs (stock keeping unit) for essentially the same thing and be being charged different amounts for it within the same region.

That instantly stops with a single payer system because the single payer just doesn't put up with it. There i no justification for it.

There are other games that the industries play to minimize their costs and to maximize their profit, (like keeping their inventories in the hospitals and charging them for it since the actual goods can be transfered out of the hospital without the hospital administrator's ever being aware,) and this all costs us billions for nothing.

There is no benefit to the patient whatsoever from these games being played.

Things are going on which two shoppers in two different locations using their cell phones can tell you are wrong. We're talking seriously wrong...