Wednesday, August 08, 2007

msb-0183 Dan Warren

msb-0183 Dan Warren


---- "Whore!" by: "Dan Warren"

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---- "Who Are All These People" by: "Dan Warren"

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---- "Parallel Universes" by: "Dan Warren"

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---- "Breathing Up My Skin" by: "Dan Warren"

Main Topic: "Dan Warren"

I was listening to Awful Snacks - Episode 13b (the b's are Joel's episodes and he's a great guy with encyclopedic knowledge of music,) and he started the snack with music that just brought me back.

I've played some music by Dan Warren before ("Clockwork Family" and I'm not going to tell you which of my episodes it was on, [hint the theme was, uh, "familiar". {Ooo. Pun alerts. Pun alert... (Okay, it was msb-0072 :-}])

So thank, or blame, Joel for this melodic mess.

---- "Fly" by: "Dan Warren"

Main Topic, part deux:

I'm as sick as a dog right now but I still have to call in to the various on-shore and off-shore sites listen to people and "try" to talk.

My throat feels like a chimney flue (an apt sort of choice of words, [but I don't have the flu, {well I don't think I have the flu.}])

I might have a lot more to say about the health-don't-care system, but you'll have to go to the blog [ ] site to read it because my throat's too sore to talk about it.

Aw fuck it...

The gummint is debating on State sponsorship of insurance policies for children.


How wide does their ass-holes have to get fuckin' spread before they finally notice that they are getting totally fucked and they aren't even getting a kiss. (Though they probably got bought plenty of lunches though. [Quick, how much is lunch at "Citronnelle"? I might love Chef "Michel Richard" but how many lunches has he hosted that were paid by some HMOs corporate credit card?])

The problem, the "problem", the "problem", the fuckin' "problem", is the very "presence" of the insurance companies.

They're just going to shovel more of your tax dollars, your tax dollars, into a furnace which is already proven to be failing us, the sick who need it.

Fuck. How stupid can people get? How blind, blinkered, idiotic...

Aw fuck it. I seem to be well aware of how moronic people can get.

---- "Clockwork Family" by: "Dan Warren"



Dan said...

Thanks for playing my songs, I really appreciate it!

Charles-A. Rovira said...

No problem Dan.

Just stay as imaginative as you've proved to be so far and I have no doubt that I'll play more.

Best of luck to you.

I hope that you are successful (as do I :-)