Monday, August 20, 2007

msb-0188 The Price and Power of Fragmentation

msb-0188 The Price and Power of Fragmentation


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Main Topic: "The Price and Power of Fragmentation"

I'm reading all this news about people who just don't "get it."

Big media companies like Time Warner and News Corp see stuff happening on the web and they see no new money on their own turf, (make that: they see a dwindling audience [of people who are even poorer today than they were yesterday because they have been through round after round of cost-cutting and out-sourcing and seeing their jobs replaced with McJobs {which the government employment statistics "don't" take into account. (They don't even want to "go there". A job's a job as far as they're concerned. [Never mind that your cushy middle-class job with its cushy middle-class salary has been replaced by one that sees your real income cut to a fraction of what it was.])}])

So the big conglomerate sharks try to acquire the little fish, not realizing that by acquiring them, they are in fact eating the dead and the dying. (When you're no longer agile enough to avoid acquisition, when you have become big enough big enough to become acquirable, you've also become too bloated to continue, you've become too big to be "worth" acquiring.)

This imposes an upper limit on the size of any media outlet, (the world is getting filled with little fish,) and on the cash flow that any single media outlet can generate.

The world will never see another "Time-Warner", another "News Corp". The days of opportunity in the mass appeal to the mass market have come to a close.

The economics of the internet will pretty much dictate the upper limit on the size of any media and on any revenue it can generate. (But then again, do you want to have to pay for that kind of unfocused reach [and we as the consumers of those products "do" pay,] unless you have an unfocused mass-market product that fills an unfocused mass-market need.?)

That's the "price" and the cost of fragmentation.

---- "Power And The Glory" by: "Sweet Crystal"

Main Topic, part deux:

Now, what is the "power" of fragmentation?

There is a generation growing up never having known an "Edward R. Murrow", never mind a "William Randolph Hurst". Most of them have never even heard of "Leni Riefenstahl".

Those were the "bad old days" when people could do unimaginably bad things to masses of those they perceived as "the others". (I'm not sad to see them go. [They relied on ignorance and selected memories, selected by the power structures, the unelected elites, to perpetrate and perpetuate themselves.])

Today, our heroes are much smaller in stature, impact and reach. Given the abuses of power in our recent past, that seem to be a "good thing".

Its giving smaller and smaller groups of people the time and the room to live. People who can't ever fit into the few huge bland agglomerations; to be manipulated and lied to for the "greater good", (which usually turns out to be some self-appointed elite's need.)

The face of the post-mass media is perforce one of communication and dialog between individuals.

Instead of a cacophony of babbling punditry, the internet gives us a computer mediated structure to focus in on our needs while freeing us from the economics of scarcity and from the need to deprive anyone else of expressing their own viewpoints.

And that's where this podcast fits in.

---- "Some Horsepower Funk" by: "Jeso"


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