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msb-0187 So what?

msb-0187 So what?


---- "History" by: "The Ellison Bier Band"

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Herrad posted her latest podcast: "msb-du-0007-Van PGB tot borrel met de buren."

It took a little while to get it right but its up there.

---- "History " by: "Sunburn In Cyprus"

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This is "your" segment.

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---- "Ancient History" by: "Shari"

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---- "Hope In My History " by: "Friction Bailey"

Main Topic: "So what?"

In keeping with my openness about what I'm trying to accomplish with this podcast, let me tell you that I only have 100 readers/listeners (which keep dropping in and out) out of which I can count on about 30 or so as regular listeners. (And no, I don't know who you are, otherwise I'd reach out with personal messages for all of you to make you feel, uh, special.)

That sounds bad until you realize that I only have 30 or so regular listeners. That means that the other 70 or so are people with an interest in MS (like maybe they've got MS or they know somebody with MS,) but who don't/won't/can't connect all the time.

Given the persistence of the show and the ads, this is actually "good" for advertisers and for me.

iTunes lists the last 50 episodes.That means that the last 50 episode's worth of content (and ads,) are available for dowload.

If you subscribe directly to get all the RSS (I'm not seriously saying that you would/could/should/ get all the episodes just if you did) you would see that it been a theme present since the beginning (and much beyond.)

---- "Daughters of History" by: "Morning Spy"

Main Topic, part deux:

This is a link to something produced by the CBC about "Le Refus Global" [ ] which is French for the total denial of everything that the Catholic Church had done in Quebec since the French had lost to the English on the "Plaines D'Abraham" in in 1759 (the USofA is a "Johnny Come Lately"when it comes to history. We were fighting with Washington when he was still on the side of the British.)

I'm not going to do more than link to the site because the audio clips are worth listening to on their own and it will inform you of how the "state of siege" mentality finally yielded in 1960 to a global denunciation of how we Québecois had been manipulated for longer than two hundred years and we'd had finally had enough.

The Catholic Church might have been the savior of the French culture in North America through the instrument of "La Guere Des Berceaux", the "War of the Cradle", (the ultimate victory of demographics over demagogery,) but it was beginning to stifle us and prove counter-productive.

This is very relevant to me because my own mother, being an artist in her own right, was friends with many of the artists who participated in "Le Refus Global".

As a child I grew up knowing, or at least knowing of, many of these people.

The Catholic Church that remains in Québec is only a pale shadow of its former pre-"Refus Global" days.

There are many lessons which can be learned about fighting a war without firing a shot from a study of the "Guerre des Berceaux" and even more about how it all peacefully unravels again without firing a shot.

The future is in the power of your loins.

Speaking as a non-combatant, and quite glad for it given my health condition, I still find much to be learned (even as tragic as it might seem on first glance,) from the study of demographics.

Its just that such a study must be understood in terms of the world "after" the coming of the internet.

In media history, the sixteenth to the nineteenth century belonged to the "Encyclopedists" where the word was spread amongst a literate elite; the twentieth century was the age of Riefenstahl and MacLuhan, where the concept of mass culture was created and proselytization was, uh, proselytized; but the twenty first century breaks the mold of the mass and returns cultural power back to people, who, while not an elite, are gathered around a common cause and a common need.

That me and thee. That's us folks, the MSers, participating in this podcast, me by speaking and playing tunes and you by listening in and joining in if and when you want to.

---- "History Never Repeats" by: "Rubber Clown Car"


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