Monday, August 13, 2007

msb-0185 Doh. A senior moment...

msb-0185 Doh. A senior moment...


I apologize for last weeks' Friday update. I was late because of problems between ComCast (who were blameless [yea, ... who'd a think it,]) my machines (Macs don't get any of the viral nasties waiting for every defenseless PC out there,) or LibSyn (who are a wonderful service, well they're having a litle problem with their stats but it'll get fixed,) instead, the blame lay in my own LinkSys router (what a piece of friggin' "crap". That's the next thing to go into the trash.)

---- "Trailer Park" by: "Man Bites God"

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---- "The Nucleus I like best" by: "Science Groove"

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---- "Hooray for NMR spectroscopy!" by: "Science Groove"

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---- "Band Aid For A Bullet Wound" by: "Scenic Attraction"

Main Topic: "Doh. A senior moment..."

I hate it when reality so rudely intrudes.

I know I had a theme all picked out for this show and I had selected the music and everything and now, its all vanished in the minutia that has become the core of my life.

I'm trying not to let myself get lost in thoughts, although its often back there that I find myself, plumbing the, uh, stuff, (yeah that sound pretty good,) the stuff I accomplished in my younger days to solve somebody's problem in these my elder years.

I had done something while employed for a hospital's MIS department (it wasn't called IT yet, shortly thereafter, they tried calling the entire profession "informatics", but that was too snooty and chi-chi to ever take. :-)

Basically, I was given a system to document and not knowing whether I was looking at a silk purse or a sow's ear, I had to create a language to try to come to grips with the thing. (It was, in fact, a silk purse "and" a dog's breakfast. [Creating languages was what I "did!" Everything needs a concise language to express its "crenaux" {the nearest English approximation I can come up with is its "slot", sorry,} in and with.])

I was pretty proud of what I'd come up with, so a few years later, I gussied it up and wrote about it.

Years later, I discovered that the technique had even been used in exactly the way it was intended for exactly the purpose it was intended. (Man I was "happy" about that...)

Now, over two decades after I wrote the original article, over fifteen years since I wrote the gussied up version, over a decade since it got written about, I am finding that the people whom I work for right now have some need for exactly what I wrote the original article for. (How freakin' weird is that?)

---- "Seance" by: "Stavia"

Main Topic, part deux:

So that's what I was doing, reviewing old notes and reprints, when I should have been writing down some notes for the show.

I know I picked these songs for a reason, (apart from the obvious, that I liked them,) and I had placed them in the order that I wanted them, and there had been some idea germinating in my little head at the time, but I'll be [expletive deleted] if I can remember what it was.

Its taking longer and longer to reach the conclusion that I should take more copious notes.

Oh well.

---- "Free Ride In A Cop Car" by: "The Clintons"



Miss Chris said...

I have lots of "senior moments" and I just turned 40. Kinda makes me wonder what the next 40 will be like...

mdmhvonpa said...

"I was given a system to document and not knowing whether I was looking at a silk purse or a sow's ear,"

I recall the big Document Management Push back in the late 80's ... a lot of snake oil was sold and many a silk purse were emptied.

Charles-A. Rovira said...

'lo Miss Chris,

the future is murky at best. :-)

I'd rather not think about it.

Instead I'll keep my face filled with a vision of even making it to retirement with all of my limbs functioning (my legs not withstanding,) and my senses in working order, and some banana cream pie.

Charles-A. Rovira said...


I was implementing those silk purses. (Okay, only the ones that I got to spec out lasted. Some of the other systems barked, snapped and growled until they were put down, with extreme prejudice. :-)

The document management push you refer to I think is the great document debacle of the pre-recycling "bad old" days (which Xerox was supposed to lead us out of and onto the promised land of IT [or IS or MIS or "Informatics".])

We all know what happened with that. The Xerox Star never shone (but Apple's Macintosh did, unsteadily but it did. Microsoft finally came out with Windows 3.11 [before that it was a joke.])

I don't think we can really lay blame at anyone's feet. It was the general ineptitude at the time. (Heck databases, like DB/2 and Oracle didn't even exist yet. Relational calculus had yet to rear it ugly head. [Relational != Relationship] Relational databases' continued existence are the most successful of screw-up and polluted the waters since.)