Thursday, August 30, 2007

msb-0193a MDMHvonPA's Rondup 2007/08/29

msb-0193a MDMHvonPA's Rondup 2007/08/29

Yeah... He's back.

Ahhh, yes ... it's been quite some time, no? My tendency to be a slug about these things has left my 'elite wordsmithy' skills a tad rusty. Typically, I would open with some sort of titillating concept and then troll through the cornucopia of MS blogs to find posts that I could tie together with a common theme. In the end, I would prance and pontificate as a closing barrage of what would have seemed like an obvious point by that time. So, now that I've laid out the mysterious workings of my usual approach, I shall diverge from it and do a slap-dash cop-out version where I cherry-pick postings from various locations I have not listed on the Cabal roster (lazy turd, ain't I?) as of yet and a few of my favorite haunts.

First, Joan at ShortInTheCord [ ] notes that when giving blood at the Red Cross, reading the fine print may be something you will have to do yourself. If you have been anywhere that has an Irritated Bovine population, you should not give. Mad Cow has been spread around the world now and honestly, unless you were a test-tube baby and raised in a vacuum, you were probably exposed. Chronic Illness isn't just for MS suffers anymore! Time to throw another steak on the grill. I wonder if those 1 pint blood iv bags have consumer warnings or nutrition content labels. Ewww.

Stephan at Electrical Disturbance [ ] has been diagnosed for over a year now and has been blogging about it ever since. Wonder why I did not see him sooner! He has a little one bouncing about so that whole stress and MS thing ... yeah, well ... wish him luck. He's taking a flight to Salt Lake city with a baby in tow. Airports, babies ... all he needs now is a kettle for all that potential stress! Wish him luck.

One of my recent favorites, Liz [ ] (yes, I'm fickle, so what!) at 'Finding Life Hard', is in the snake oil business. Cures for whatever ails ye! As a consumer of that vile business, wine, I note that her "prevention is worth a glass of warm Castor oil" quip rarely seems to be adhered to. Ah well, it's not as though she is providing the wine from which the hangovers will sprout forth, eh?

So, 'the aspiring optimist' had a few things that set her off recently. I love her blog named "MsAllInMyHead" and it's corresponding tag line. You'll have to go see what she had to deal with and nod your head in agreement. Things like this [ ] happen all to often. Ever get that urge to just haul off and let someone have a good tongue lashing!? Yeah, it's one of those things, but she seems to handle it with much more finesse and grace than I could muster.

A recent inductee into the Cabal, Sharon, has set up shop at Living Life as a Snowflake. She has a quick post up about being 'sick and tired of being sick and tired'. I believe that I can speak for all of us here and give out a big 'AMEN' to that one. She speaks of the downward spiral of stress and distress causing the MS monster to grip tighter onto our very being ... dragging you further into the muck. In the end, she asks what you do if you did not have MS for a day. Of course, that depends on how bad your MS is doing on the day before ... and if you are on the lamb from the law for stealing hub-caps off cars .... I've said too much.

Yet another one of my daily reads, Merelyme, [ ] is a very prolific scribbler. She hit that point where the denial and anger about having MS is starting to fade, and the painful introspection and exploration of a new world begins. But she is doing it with style and a who lot of fellow travelers. She sure has a lot to say, and her questions beget more of my own. If you want something to think about, make sure to visit her daily ... the comments are good too.

Ok, I've made the final cut for my last featured MS blogger and it will definitely be Anne [ ]. You see, she is a neighbor of mine (just up the street, more or less). She is going through all the same absurd weather issues. Of late, the heat and humidity around our parts has been nearly unbearable. Even with ac (expensive!!!), it's hard to stay cool. Just try strolling out to the metal hot-box of a car and you start to feel faint opening the door! I usually cajole my Mrs when she complains about how cold it is and I retort that if I cannot feel my feet, she shouldn't either! At that point, she'll put her cold feet on my back. I won't let on that I enjoy that, of course. But back to Anne. She is going though a few issues that complicate her body's cooling capabilities so she is looking forward to winter almost as much as this old Minnesota Boy. Ahhh, give me 3 feet of ice and a fishing rod and I'll be good for a week.

In conclusion, I'll try to spend some of my time updating the blog listings for the MS Cabal, but in the mean time, go over and visit these fine bloggers. They have much to say and we all have so much to learn from each other.


So, have you complimented your MS Hero today?


Anonymous said...

Hello Neighbor: While buzzing around looking for places to advertise my blog, I did a Yahoo then a Google search and came up with yours because you mentioned mine in your posts!

Thank you so much for putting me on your updated list of MS bloggers. I was so surprised! Though I am long winded on my blog, I am hoping to inspire uplifting thoughts in those who visit.

Thank you again, I am honored,

Charles-A. Rovira said...

Hello Anne,

I left a reply on your blog.

Your best bet is to go to MDMHvonPA's blog ( because I gave up trying to keep the names straight. :-)

I still have a job, (I can't believe it myself,) I'm writing (as you can see :-) and I'm podcasting besides.

The link to the podcast is on the site (but I think I'm going to give a list of the MS podcasts that I listen to.)

But if you'd like a mention on a podcast ... its already done.

MSB-0193A MDMHvonPA Roundup 200.08.29 went out today. :-)

As far as advertising with me, the rate is exremely reasonable ($0.03 per download of an episode [and I only charge once a month {or when its worth it, because it still isn't worth it... yet...}] :-)

Of course, if you'd like to become a contributor, then you'd get to plug your site and have the links to it and your picture (or your cat's picture,) available for sixteen weeks at a time. (iTunes only keep 50 episodes 'live')