Monday, January 21, 2008

msb-0250 Yeah, yeah. Two hundred and fifty shows.

msb-0250 Yeah, yeah. Two hundred and fifty show.


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The music in this show is dedicated to Shauna [ ] .

I like blues too.


"Feastivals" is now in post-production.

Like June says, if you can make a simple roasted chicken, you can feed it to royalty.

I'll give the URL real soon now... (It was delicious but its taking more time to put together than I's hoped :-)

---- "Fatt Catt" by: "Shelly Niebuhr"

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Something I picked up from "A Groundswell" [ ]:

"Jake Crest, writing at, lays out the financial facts of one couple’s (our own) health care conundrum in his post, The Most Important Political Issue. [ ] With a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, no access to group coverage, spiraling costs of individual health insurance policies with high deductibles and expensive MS medications, we can honestly claim a “crisis”. Millions of families are caught in this cycle and are rapidly spinning out of control.

Lisa Emrich, blogging at in her post, “The Value of Money or the Value of Health - What Do You See?” [ ] has posted photographs of $7,000.00 in cash and $7,000.00 worth of MS medication. When you read the details of her story and view the images, you can’t help but be moved."

Damn but the media can be thoughtless and heartless. They can ignore any problem, regardless of the size or urgency, just because it doesn't draw enough eyeballs.

Meanwhile, we get subjected to day long coverage with hourly updates, of some kid falling down a well. (But you can bet your donkey that they aren't sticking around for the coroner's report if the kid died as a result of any injuries. [Same crap that happened to some miners. { }])

---- "Breakin" by: "Shemekia Copeland"

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---- "Get It Back from You" by: "The Sterlinglane Project"


Well, here we are.

Two hundred and fifty shows into it.

It feels good...

It feels right...

It feels like the world was stood on its ear tonight...

---- "When the Winds Die Down" by: "Teresa James and The Rhythm Tramps"


There "is" a reason "why" I'm doing these shows.

I would quite probably "not" be in the shape I'm in if there had been a podcast like mine before my last attack.

I firmly believe that.

If the damned media had not been so blind to human suffering, because we're too small a demographic to make a big enough buck off of, I'd probably still be walking and dancing.

I am angry, "deeply angry", at the attitudes, my own and those of the wider world, that don't give a toss about anyone different, anyone differently abled.

I have been angry, "very angry", since 1997, when I got my last attack and discovered "after", when it was already too frickin' late, that there had been various therapies and drug regimens that had been developed since my first attack and about which I knew "nothing!".

When you're dealing with the economics of scarcity, ignorance is the inevitable human condition.

It is so much easier to remain ignorant than to face up to unpleasant facts.

Specially when there are so many more pleasant alternatives; so many other distractions; pretty tunes, TV shows and movies to take the edge off.

But now broadcasting is becoming focused on just not sucking badly enough to make you turn off the set, (while sucking ever increasing mounds of cash from the pockets of advertisers,) instead of trying to remain informative, varied, or any form of excellence.

Well broadcasting is competing with the internet and with time-shifting media distribution.

Now the time-shifted media of the internet is able to use search engines and the fibers (or wires [or even wireless,]) to get any kind of content to anyone who is Googling for it..

Its up to "us" to make sure that the message doesn't "suck".

Having MS "does indeed suck!"

However, it doesn't have to be a shameful secret we hide from everybody, even from ourselves.

We just got slammed by a bus with the letters MS written on the license plate.

That's nothing to be ashamed of.

---- "Boot Hill" by: "Johnny Winter"

I love that albino boy, Johnny Winter...


The media can't help but "do us wrong."

Now that they're focused on nothing but making money, we've slipped off their money grubbing radar entirely.

McLuhan was fundamentally and deeply right.

But the media was waiting for the internet to grow up before the promise of a liberal, anti-democratic method for conveying its messages.

The media was waiting for the internet to bloom into a voice for the disabled, for the differently abled, for the different.

I have spent my entire "life" being different.

This is where I "belong!"

And I'm "not" going back...

---- "i have no idea" by: "Dr. Mic and the Brain Ninjas"

And if you want to see the future of ads on the internet, go to "" [ ]

Who needs some ridiculous, crappy show wrapped around some ridiculous, crappy concept?

At, the ads "are" the show.

They're on TV, they're on the web, and they're podcast.

TV's looking very much the loser because the web can "interact", with sites, 'casts, email, social media, collaborations via lists, message boards, wikis, maps and its all Google-able.

TV just sits there and does ... absolutely ... nothing. No wonder its going dark February 2009.

Now that we've disintermediated the revenue sources from any context, is there any need for these lousy pseudo-, quasi-, neo-, scriptless- reality shows ... at all ...

Broadcasters are probably staying awake after tossing their offices and feeling totally like they're "not adding any value"; and we all know what that means ... a "dead" industry.

This is going to hurt, plenty, and plenty of people, but it is inevitable.

If you work in the content massaging industries, either you're going to open your eyes and look for the new way, or you're going to get mowed down by the scythe of history.



Miss Chris said...

I definitely feel like MS has fallen off the radar...if it was ever actually on it to begin with. I know there is suffering with Breast Cancer, heart disease, etc., but what about us?

Charles-A. Rovira said...


We don't exist to the media executives.

If Roosevelt hadn't had a special and very specific interest in eradicating polio, that would never have been on the media radar either.

The only reason that there's any noise about breast cancer (heart disease etcetera) is because the drug companies and oncology centers need and are paying for commercial time; because they make money selling stuff to the patients and survivors.

Keep it in the black is the mantra of commerce and that's all anybody hears.

That's why there's got to be a role for the government as the sole payer in health care.

They fundamentally don't care about keeping it in the black.