Friday, January 25, 2008

msb-0252 Honesty is the Easiest Policy

msb-0252 Honesty is the Easiest Policy


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You're safe, there isn't any.

But my downloads numbers are still doing well.

I "know" you're out there.

---- "Nothing Is Easy" by: "Francis Collete"

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---- "Easy" by: "Life Has Teeth"

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---- "If It Don't Come Easy" by: "Sylvie Lewis"


Mother said, amongst many other aphorisms, that honesty is the "easiest" policy.

She didn't say that it was the best or the wisest.

Its just the easiest.

After all, you don't have to account for discrepancies in your story.

When you lie, you have to worry about getting caught in the lie.

When you lie to yourself, you may have to face much more dire consequences.

"Nicolae Ceau┼čescu" [ ] was telling himself that his people loved him even as the executioners were drawing a bead.

"Sadam Hussein" [ ] was shocked at the temerity and arrogance of his executioners as they put a noose around his neck.

You probably don't have to face consequences as dire as those, unless you like to juggle vials of nitroglycerin in your trembling hands.

---- "Easy Come Easy Go" by: "Teresa James and The Rhythm Tramps"


It gets us back to denial.

I do go on about it because it too friggin' easy to slip back into denial.

After all, when you have an episodic disease, specially if you've got a relapsing/remitting form of MS, it all to easy to, uh, forget, (omit from your reality, [commit to the darkest corners of oblivion,]) that you've got it.

The urge to do so is in part motivated by a very natural reticence towards the unknown: "dread".

But more and more is becoming known about MS and disease in general every minute of every hour of every day of every week or every month of every year.

There is less and less to be afraid of, less and less to dread.

As for feeling any shame about being sick (and you know that some people do that,) get over yourselves.

Having MS nothing to be ashamed about.

Its not even a venereal disease that you could at least brag about at the neighborhood bar when you're in your cups.

You were in the wrong place at the wrong time and got blind-sided by a bus with the license plate "MS".

---- "easy" by: "impossible songs"


Mother was right.

Honesty "is" the easiest policy. Its not necessarily the "best" policy because we can end up looking pretty petty but is the easiest policy because we can keep the story straight.

The more all of us know, the less some of us dread.

Now we just have to come to grips with the oxymoron of medicine for profit. (I don't have too ambitious an agenda, do I? :-)

---- "Easy Groove" by: "The Blue Mile"



Miss Chris said...

"having MS is nothing to be ashamed about"...

I know but I still feel uncomfortable if I see someone (on TV or wherever) who has it. That happened this morning actually and I wanted to slump down while my family was watching it. It doesn't make sense to me why I felt that way.

Charles-A. Rovira said...


You saw somebody with MS?

Mark this day on your calendar (and I'm not taking bets on how long it'll be before you see that again.)

Yep, you think that you feel something that might be making you uncomfortable.

I'd say that its because none of us have been trained (read "socialized) in dealing with reality, (never mind disability.)

15% of the population of this planet is functionally disabled.

15% Do you hear what I'm saying here? 15%!

Disability is as common as dirt (but we're not the dirty ones.)

What kind of social media (make that anti-social media) would deliberately ignore such a large percentage of people on this planet?

That's the reason that I'm doing my podcast.

Miss Chris said...

Bravo for you and others like you brining attention to us!

Charles-A. Rovira said...

You and the other people I'm getting feedback from give me the strength to carry on.

I've got things coming up in February that should make you feeling even more righteous.

Thank you. (And would be interested in joining me in my podcasting adventure, [I've got Skype and you can get Skype for free and a microphone {I'm even offering to pay...}])

You know the email address.

Say it with me. :-)

charles at :-)

Miss Chris said...

I'll definitely keep that in mind! Hopefully some time I'll actually have the time to do it!