Tuesday, May 01, 2007

msb-0143 Oh my achin' head

msb-0143 Oh my achin' head


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Feedback comes first, so...

I got some feedback this morning on one of the episodes (but Blogger doesn't tell me which one! [I didn't know that] and with almost 120 written to date its hard to tell which. The 143 refers to my podcasts but I didn't write them all so there are, uh, "holes".

[But there's more than one way to skin a cat.

"Holy moley!"

Its from "msb-0002a -An Answer For Mark Yashimoto Nemcoff"

Wow! That's an episode that's from last February. This person started from, or was that ended at, the very beginning! That's dedication, in either direction. ] :-)

It was a decent sized comment on the blog from somebody who's Grandmother had Huntington's and it was very touching.

"Wow, I am blown away by your description of MS. I happened to kinda stumble onto this site and I am really glad I did. What you wrote was compelling to read, thank you.

MS sounds similar to Huntington's Chorea which my family carries in their genes. Thankfully my Grandmother is the last one in my immediate family to have the gene, my cousin's not so lucky.

In the end my Grandma's body was moving so much from the "crossed wires effect" she was burning energy at the same level that an elite athlete would during training.

I remember watching her eat a single grape. The force of will and concentration required to bite down at the right opportunity to release the grape juice and she only ate the one grape!... gee... that really drove home how lucky I am that the gene stopped with her.

Well I really just wanted to tell you your writing was great. :)"

No; thank "you" for the praise.

And you wrote a short but pithy description of your grandmother's own struggles with Huntington's.

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Feed Forward comes next, so...

But there's nothing to report on any contributions from thee to thee.

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Feed Me comes third, so...

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Main Topic: Oh my achin' head.

Part of this is the wine I had with dinner yesterday. ( ...hic!... :-)

Part of this is that I just had another look at my MRI's today.

I'm applying for a "Disabled Parking Spot" in front of my building to go along with the "Disability Tag."

While the tag is pretty easy to get, I only need my GP to vouch for my disability, the spot in front of the apartment building is something else all together.

I'm going to have to furnish them with a set of MRIs less than one year old.

Mine are two years old so they wont do. Now I've got to find out if the insurance is going cover it or if I'm the one who's going to get stuck with the 3+ thousand dollar bill.

How often will they want these anyway? (Like, I really don't expect to be miraculously cured and it would be a major P.I.T.A. and P.I.T.Wallet to fo for an MRI every year just to not lose a good parking spot.)

I also want the scans back.

I have a certain morbid fascination with the state of my own head.

---- "Digital Headache" by: "Toby Dylan" http://www.tobydylan.com/

Main Topic, part deux:

There are all kinds of cognitive problems that arise when your brain finally adapts to the fact that it can't trust the signals its getting. (That's if it ever does settle down to the uncertainty of living a life where it is always looking [a poor choice of words, I'll admit,] for confirmation of the sensations its, uh, sensing.)

I'm scanning the rear-view mirror, the instruments, the road ahead and on either side, and a quick look at my feet to make sure that the somatic sense of the position of my feet is accurate.

Also I don't listen to the radio or talk when driving because I definitely don't need or want distraction.

Those sensory difficulties are further compounded by the problems of piss-poor coordination.

But I figure, in Noo Joyzee, I'll drive just like the average distracted driver. :-)

---- "Headache " by" "Boo Boo Davis" http://www.black-and-tan.com/