Thursday, May 31, 2007

msb-0156 Paranoimia

msb-0156 Paranoimia




----"Hypno - Hypnosphere Mix - Sensor II" by: "Artemis"

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I got some from "Herrad" and from "Homer".

They're hard at work trying to get their next shows together.

---- "Airport revisited" by: "the delicate art of noise pollution"

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---- "Sounds haunting" by: "the delicate art of noise pollution"

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---- "Melancholy" by: "the delicate art of noise pollution"

Main Topic: "Paranoimia"

I was going through my library on iTunes looking for "Digital Droo" since I wanted to listen to him yet again.

Instead of my usual scrolling through the Album list, I typed in "Droo" into the search window.

The first thing on the list was "Paranoimia Featuring Max Headroom 7" version" by: "The Art of Noise." off of their "The Best Of The Art Of Noise (pink, 1992)"

Wanna hear what a blast from the past that was?

When it started up and I heard the intro "Relax. You're quite safe here" and then Matt Frewer as Max Headroom launched into the song, I had a flash of history.

I'd first heard that song when watching a "Bouncing Ball" demo that was running on a Commodore Amiga, in downtown Ottawa, at a computer store I had entered while munching on a sandwich filled with mystery meat on a Kaiser roll, ("Ham on a Bun" they called it,) and I remember standing there being utterly blown away; as much by the incredible graphics as by the incredible sound coming out of the unit, as I chewed what now tasted like cardboard with my friend and co-worker ("Hi John!")

I then went onto buying the album, watching the Max Headroom series and being very impressed with the object-oriented operating system that ran the Commodore Amiga.

Now I could have used "that" story in the msb-0154 Memory episode about MS and memory.

---- "Spooky funk" by: "the delicate art of noise pollution"

Main Topic, part deux:

Lets end this trip down memory lane with something upbeat.

---- "Upbeat" by: "the delicate art of noise pollution"


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