Wednesday, May 30, 2007

msb-0155 The Touch of Fatigue

msb-0155 The Touch of Fatigue


----"Touch My System" by: "Frame 3-13"

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I can only say: "Sorry Miss Chris. I can only say that it was an option that got reset, unbeknown to me. I've reset the posting option and republished the lot." Now people can send me feed back on my blog posts again."

---- "Untouchable" by: "Stars for Starvation"

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---- "Everytime we touch" by: "Tourist"

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---- "Le hero fatigue" by: "Lee Maddeford/Bérangèr Mastrangelo"

Main Topic: "The Touch of Fatigue"

I have been blessed in that, though I get plenty sick and tired of the collective lack of consciousness and the sheer self-absorption and selfishness that people display every god-damn day, I have never experienced ("knock wood",) the true bone-wearying fatigue that seems to be an all too common symptom of MS.

I just got back from somewhere that I suspect will be my ultimate destination.

Pensacola is truly a fragile environment but the beauty of the place and of the people there was something truly transformative.

I can't tell you "Stay Away," but I can wish it.

It is just about perfect.

Too many more people would just wreck it.

---- "Fatigue" by: "Nick Murray"

Main Topic, part deux:

Heat is another things that afflicts us. (I know that Pensacola gets extremely hot and steamy summers, [like, about a hundred, on and off, for weeks at a time,] but there's air conditioning, and back-up generators. [I am also sure that solar technology would be very effective there. {What's the use of having a roof that only keeps the rain off? (Or a cistern that only stores water? [Or walls that can't protect you because they're only as thick as, uh, a wall. {Think R. Buckmister Fuller's Dymaxion tetrahedral space-spanning structures. (I am designing a truly innovative house.)}])}] :-)

Heat induces thermal noise into our frayed nervous system and that noise is our enemy.

It makes it much harder for us to translate volition into action.

It rears its ugly head in the spasticity that probably plays a large part in the fatigue that MSers experience; interfering with everything we do and everything we attempt to do and everything we feel as sensation.

It can be exhausting to just "be".

---- "Emily Has Compassion Fatigue" by: "3 Blind Mice"


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